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Re: [Auth]I think I have it... (browser auth interaction: simpleand cle

From: Albert Scherbinsky
Subject: Re: [Auth]I think I have it... (browser auth interaction: simpleand clean)
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 18:58:36 -0400

Hi Barry,

Barry wrote:
> Take what you can from it, but unless it is a completely Free Software
> solution, it can't be a DotGNU project and thus you are not required to
> integrate with it.

Yes, I agree. The thing to take from it is SIML, which is
100% Free Software.
Also, as Mario has pointed out, it is extremely portable.
Mario Ported it to Unix in about 10 minutes. Maybe Mario is
just a really smart guy. That too. :)

Albert Scherbinsky
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Kurt Godel showed us every formal system is either
incomplete or inconsistent. Deal with it!

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