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[eLyXer-users] eLyXer 0.38 released

From: Alex Fernandez
Subject: [eLyXer-users] eLyXer 0.38 released
Date: Thu, 3 Dec 2009 01:50:05 +0100

Hi folks,

Version 0.38 of eLyXer has been published. This version basically
contains a lot of fixes (thanks to Uwe Stöhr and his relentless
testing), and a new look: smaller font sizes all around. Changes
– Resized all logos in the documentation.
– Solved bug in paragraph indentation that indented all formula spans
and elements.
– Solved a couple of bugs in image scaling: wraps with images, images
in figures.
– Solved bug in TOC generation: article-class documents had their TOC
depth off-by-one.
– Solved bug with listings inserted in documents using LyX 1.6, and
improved their looks.
– Slight font size reduction on Firefox, and huge reduction on some
other proprietary browsers. Now global font size specification is done
using percents.
– New commands: \gtrless: \gtrless, \complement: \complement,
\measuredangle: \measuredangle, \sphericalangle: \sphericalangle,
\nmid: \nmid, \circeq: \circeq, \lessgtr: \lessgtr, \nparallel:
Complete changelog:

Download from nongnu.org mirrors:

If the new version has not hit your favorite mirror yet:


Alex Fernández.

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