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Re: [Fle3-users] Why is it good to use FLE?

From: Teemu Leinonen
Subject: Re: [Fle3-users] Why is it good to use FLE?
Date: Wed, 06 Aug 2003 19:19:19 +0300
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I am sorry that my Spanish is not (yet) good enough to be usable in this kind of email discussions. So, comments.

César Hernández Rosete wrote:
But here in Mexico we have us a problem: The public institutions can only
assist to the population's 10%.

We have attempted with LMS, but without success, The Technologies of
Information for support to the training are only used in 11% (with success).

I understand that the situation in Mexico is of course very different compared to Finland. In Finland we have only 5 million people in all (25% of the Mexico city?), everybody go to nine year public schools that are pretty well equipped.

My opinion is that in Finland, the most successful experiments of using information and communication technology in teaching and learning have been in the field of computer supported collaborative learning. In some levels of education we have tested some LMS tools, as well.

Why I think we do not need "traditional" LMS in Finland is the fact that the critical question is not to provide quality learning materials for schools, but rather to introduce new pedagogical models supported with new technology. LMS that are mostly course material publishing systems do not give any added value for Finnish schools who anyway have school books, CD-Roms, educational TV and libraries close by. I am also pretty sure that schools will not soon give up using books. The usability and accessibility of a book is still unbeatable for many, many years.

I guess that in some schools of Mexico there are a real lack of quality educational material, and you have thought that maybe with LMS you could provide "better" courses for these schools.

So, I agree that LMS may offer wider access to learning materials. But why you want to use LMS? Why not just Content Management System?

Also in many cases CD-Roms are much better delivery media for areas with not that good internet connections. Some materials online that could be easily printed locally to be paper books could also be a good idea. And you really shouldn't forgot the old good TV, that is nowadays pretty cheap, widespread and very impressive educational media (e.g. compare TV to web pages!).

we need LMS+"modern learning techniques". Technical of learning like
Collaborative Learning. That is to say as FLE.

If we now focus only to online learning (Internet, WWW) my opinion is that you need Content Management System (CMS) + Fle3 (for collaborative learning). In the CMS you can have all the course materials available everybody who is interested in to study them by themselves. For organized courses, that are supervised, taught and tutored by a teacher or tutor (if it more like a self organized study circle) you can use Fle3.

I believe that LSM+FLE+"group Meetings in the classroom". This can improve
the learning, the meetings could be more sporadic than the classes
traditions and with this we would achieve: To improve the teaching and to
take advantage of the educational spaces.

What do yoy think of this?.

I agree with you. Instead of using any LMS I would use some Content Management System and add Fle3 in there. It is also good to have some classroom meeting once in a while. So. in your case there would be some self study tasks with the content available in the Content Management System and some collaborative learning both in a classroom and in Fle3. Right? For me this sounds a good plan.

What does LMS recommend me? That this it is GNU.

Of the Content Management Systems you could have a look of Plone (http://www.plone.org). Plone runs in Zope (like Fle3). This makes it possible to integrate them. Some people have already done this. Plone is also Open Source.

How does FLE behave with 100 users?  and with 3,000 users?

Probably the biggest installation of Fle3 is at the moment the one run by the City of Helsinki, Department of Education. I think there is about 2500 users. It works OK. We do not have a lot of evidence of big installations but what we know about the underlying technology, the Zope application sever, it should be very robust and should scale pretty well to large number of users.

Best regards,

        - Teemu

Teemu Leinonen
Office: + 358 9 756 30 296
GSM: +358 50 351 6796
Media Lab, UIAH Helsinki
Future Learning Environment 3

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