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Re: [Forge-main] Re: [freeroleplay] Re: Skills

From: Ricardo Gladwell
Subject: Re: [Forge-main] Re: [freeroleplay] Re: Skills
Date: 07 Sep 2003 15:40:35 +0100

On Tue, 2003-09-02 at 11:39, Timothy S. Nelson wrote:
> I like the Call of Cthulhu approach to skills.  The big disadvantage 
> is that nearly every skill is listed on the character sheet (they write small 
> :) ).

Call of Cthulhu did have a pretty good system, years ahead of its time.
The skills were particularly imaginative, particularly the Ideas skill:
if your player had a good idea, they had to make an Idea roll to see if
their character would also think of the same thing. A good way of
distancing the player from the character he plays.

Ricardo Gladwell
President, Free Roleplaying Community

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