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Re: [Freeipmi-users] ipmiping newbie question

From: Rene Salmon
Subject: Re: [Freeipmi-users] ipmiping newbie question
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 10:44:30 -0600
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Making some progress here. I can now use bmc-config out of band the option that finally worked was:

> bmc-config -h -u admin -p xxx -l ADMIN -o

You where correct I need to specify the ADMIN privilege level.
No I can get the IPMI settings to a file edit them and then update the remote node!!!

Next I need to do two things first test the ipmipower make sure i can do that and last Serial over lan.

Got stuck on the first one. I tried just getting the power status of the remote node and got this:

/home/rsalmon> ipmipower -h -u admin -p xxx -s bmc error
/home/rsalmon> ipmipower -h -u admin -p xxx -l ADMIN -s bmc error
/home/rsalmon> ipmipower -h -s off

So it seems to get the power status when run as user NULL. But Then I can't power up the node because of a privilege issue:

/home/rsalmon> ipmipower -h --on permission denied
/home/rsalmon> ipmipower -h -u admin -p xxx -l ADMIN --on bmc error
/home/rsalmon> ipmipower -h -u admin -p xxx --on bmc error

From the man pages it looks like "-u admin" should work:

-u, --username name
Sets the username to use when authenticating with the BMC. The user must have operator or administrator privilege to run the `--on', `--off', `--reset', `--cycle', `--pulse', or `--soft' power control commands. The user needs only user privileges to determine the status of the machine through `--stat'. If not specified, a null username (Anonymous Login `User ID 1') is assumed.

any ideas?


Albert Chu wrote:
Hey Rene,

Could you try passing the privilege option -p admin to bmc-config?
Note to A.B. & Bala, the fact that bmc-config typically rquires admin
privileges (unlike ipmipower, ipmi-sensors, etc) should probably be
noted in the manpage.  Or perhaps defaulted to inside bmc-config??
ng and rmcpping must send a packet

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        Tulane University
        Center for Computational Science
        Richardson Building 310
        New Orleans, LA 70118
        Tel 504-862-8393
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