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SV: SV: [Gluster-devel] Re-exporting NFS to vmware

From: Fredrik Widlund
Subject: SV: SV: [Gluster-devel] Re-exporting NFS to vmware
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2011 18:32:23 +0100

The point was that trying to make NFS a distributed protocol that fits the 
gluster design does not make any sense at all, so the choices probably are 
1) use a proxy, and standard hardware today can handle up to 10GbE loads which 
should be enough, and if it's not, just scale out horizontally in additional 
proxies. The problem today is that the NFS<->gluster chain infers a performance 
penalty/bottleneck, not that the concept of using a proxy is flawed.
2) use gluster on the clients

I'm not sure which stance you are referring to, I'm just saying that on an 
fairly updated kernel it works out of the box. The gluster nfs is said to have 
better performance compared to the kernel nfs, and looking at the IO pattern it 
makes a _lot_ more sense using the gluster nfs (using the kernel nfs results in 
very weird pattern, with files being reopened multiple times for a single read, 
etc), but in our tests both top out on around 500MB/s with a concurrent load 
anyways. With the gluster nfs we top out maybe 10% higher, but the difference 
is marginal.

As far as reliability is concerned, in our experience unfs seem to be by far 
the worst choice.

Kind regards,
Fredrik Widlund

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Ämne: Re: SV: [Gluster-devel] Re-exporting NFS to vmware

Fredrik Widlund wrote:
> If you're re-exporting a gluster filesystem, the re-exporting node will act 
> as a proxy. As a concept this is fairly natural, and in itself it shouldn't 
> be a problem. 

It's natural, but Sylar was saying it's inefficient - which it is, 
because you end up hammering one node for all the files, including the 
ones that aren't on it.

> And I did say that it is possible to re-export a FUSE filesystem, not 
> impossible. 

IIRC it required fuse patches that weren't in the mainline, and when I 
tried it, it caused reliability problems and some corruption issues that 
went away when I switched to unfsd. Unless I missed something recently, 
I don't think the stance on kernel nfs exporting fuse file systems has 
changed, but I'd love to hear otherwise.


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