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Re: [Gnash] 0.8.1 - what's useful in bug reports?

From: strk
Subject: Re: [Gnash] 0.8.1 - what's useful in bug reports?
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2007 08:33:05 +0200

Hi David. I'd say at this stage useful would be finding flash movies
with source code buildable with free tools that doesn't play in gnash
the way they should.
When we have the source code and a way to rebuild it is much easier
to find the bug and fix it then reverse-engeneering the flash movies

Also, if you find a movie that used to play fine with a previous version
of Gnash and doesn't play fine with the current CVS version, then we'd like
to know.

In every bug report you should include all informations about how
to reproduce the bug and best is if you can try using different switches
to see if the bug changes. Like: disabling sound/disabling rendering.
Also try always to download the SWF and play from the filesystem, see if things
change in this way. If you can attach the movie to the bug that's better, or
point to the url containing it and report the md5 summary of the one you did run
so we don't end up testing a different movie.

Ah, if you can, try the CVS version to see if a bug is fixed before reporting

Whatever else we'll need to know we'll ask on the bug tracker, please report 
as a registered user so you'll receive email notifications when we need more 



On Wed, Oct 03, 2007 at 11:41:56PM +0100, David Gerard wrote:
> What are worthwhile things to put in bug reports at this stage? I ask
> having had various Weebl movies ( not
> work properly. Nothing crashes and I don't see a bunch of stuff on the
> command line in the standalone player - but there's stuff ranging from
> thorough scrambling (Weebl & Bob: Christmas) to merely bad
> synchronisation (Magical Trevor 3). This is using the 0.8.1 in the
> Ubuntu Gutsy repositories.
> I'm not up to coding, but I can certainly report every movie that
> plays differently to Adobe Flash and how it does!
> - d.
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