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[Gnash] Article: Gnash Flash player reaches milestone, not destination

From: Dâniel Fraga
Subject: [Gnash] Article: Gnash Flash player reaches milestone, not destination
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008 21:22:42 -0300


"However, if you are more adventurous in your viewing of Flash files,
your results will probably be more mixed. On Best Flash Sites, one in
three files I tried failing to play. Since Flash developers often want
to take advantage of the latest features, this failure rate is perhaps
to be expected, and it is not a particular deterrent against using
Gnash for most users.

Unfortunately, on sites for Web designers and other artists, Gnash's
success rate was next to zero -- again, probably due to the developers'
wishes to be as state of the art as possible. More importantly, even
useful bits of Flash animation, such as the blog stats available on, did not work either. Nor could Gnash or its plugins
handle Flash files exported from".


        I'm using the official player with nspluginwrapper because I
need flash functionality from: 

- Myspace
- Tom's Hardware videos
- Yahoo live
- Dailymotion
- Metacafe
- etc

        and a lot of other sites that doesn't work with Gnash. I'm
just a user, not a programmer, and as a user some time ago I insisted
that the focus should be on video sites like the above. Otherwise, when
Gnash finally reach 1.0 version, Flash will be in 10 or 11 and the
effort will be useless...

        I'd love to use Gnash as Richard Stallman suggested some time
ago, but I simply can't because it doesn't work with the sites I want
to use. It would be great if the development speed of Gnash could be
like MPlayer's development. Gnash development still's very slow and
releases take a long time to appear.

Linux 2.6.24: Arr Matey! A Hairy Bilge Rat!

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