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Re: [Gnash] Re: Article: Gnash Flash player reaches milestone, not desti

From: Aaron Whitehouse
Subject: Re: [Gnash] Re: Article: Gnash Flash player reaches milestone, not destination
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2008 20:37:11 +1300

On 21/03/2008, Dâniel Fraga <address@hidden> wrote:
>         My idea is to raise money on
>         so the whole world could contribute. And if the goal isn't
>  reached, nobody pays. I think it's fair.

I would be more interested to see a directed donation:
set up for Gnash like the one for Gnu PDF:
That would have the added bonus of making all donations tax-deductible
(which is a huge advantage if you live in the US).

I appreciate that you are trying to inspire people by offering a set
of tangible results (sites that do not work currently which will work
in the future), but the people who are best placed to determine what
should be worked on, and in what order, are probably those doing the

A conditional gift is the wrong way around - development will go
faster if the developers have more resources. Offering a prize to
achieve certain goals may change priorities, but is unlikely to
dramatically increase speed.

Ideally, there would be sufficient donations to hire some of the Gnash
developers full-time, but that isn't likely.



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