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[Gnash] Re: Gnash's problems.

From: Deanna Phillips
Subject: [Gnash] Re: Gnash's problems.
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 12:28:02 +0000
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strk writes:

> I confirm watch.swf is SWF9 but gnash plays fine.
> It's been reported to have problems when the 'startStopped' directive is set.
> Also, gstreamer media handler might suffer from timing issues.

I have started a little list of flash video that works with
gnash 0.8.3 and gstreamer.  It might be helpful for people who
are troubleshooting their OS packages, or just looking for
something to watch :-)

If anyone has additions, or knows of a better list, please let
me know.  Here's what I have so far; updates will be here -



Works very well:

    * Nature

      The player on the main page does not work, but the podcast
      and full episode players do. All controls except volume
      work perfectly.

    * Expose

      Just perfect. Best player I've found so far.

    * Now

      Seems to use the same player as expose. Works well.

    * clips

    * google video (toggle stop/start to get video)

    * Moving Image Archive

      Both the default and beta players work. 

Works so-so:

    * youtube

      This is really hit and miss. I seem to have been really
      lucky in that nearly all of my favorites work

    * Frontline

      Only sound works. If you really want to watch, you can use
      gnash to get the direct URLs.

      set verbosity=5 in ~/.gnashpluginrc, then watch stdout for
      a message like this:

      6678:2111746048] 23:40:34 DEBUG: Connection to movie:

      Kill gnash to get your sound device back, then watch it
      with gst-launch

      $ gst-launch-0.10 playbin

Works not at all:

    * liveleaks
    * myspace
    * stickam
    * yahoo video 

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