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[gNewSense-users] newbie question about upgrading gNewSense

From: andrei raevsky
Subject: [gNewSense-users] newbie question about upgrading gNewSense
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 08:50:56 -0500

Greetings friends,

I am a newbie to the world of gNewSense and Ubuntu, so I will risk a rather primitive question here:

Should I upgrade from gNewSense 1.0 to gNewSense 1.1 and, if yes, how exactly?

This is what I mean:

I have only a (bad) dial-up connection so downloading hundereds of megs of packages is not a good option for me.  I did it the first time to install the updates to gNewSense 1.0 and it took me TWO DAYS :-(

I suppose that I can get a friend to get me the gNewSense 1.1 iso and update my installation, but since I am new to Ubuntu -like upgrades, what will that do to my configuration, home directory, etc.?  Brian wrote that I can update, but can I do this without using my phone at all, only with the gNewSense 1.1 CD?  Or will I have to re-update another 100-200 MB of packages by dial-up download?

I am very happy with my current gNewSense 1.0 install (-: I even like the "dirty elephants" splashsreen :-) so I rather wait for, say, a version 2.1 of gNewSense before updating, but will I be able to do so from 1.0 to, say, 2.1 *without* all the intermediate steps of the versions in between?

From the press release, the difference between 1.0 and 1.1 is not huge.  Can I wait or must I update version by version to keep things smooth?

Sorry for the dumb-newbie basic question, but having only one 500MHz machine on dial-up makes one wary of doing something silly...

Many thanks,


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