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RE: [gNewSense-users] newbie question about upgrading gNewSense

From: Dean Linkous
Subject: RE: [gNewSense-users] newbie question about upgrading gNewSense
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 06:44:20 -0800

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> From: address@hidden

>I am a newbie to the world of gNewSense and Ubuntu, so I will risk a rather 
>>primitive question here:

no risk, except you might get a answer :)

>Should I upgrade from gNewSense 1.0 to gNewSense 1.1 and, if yes, how >exactly?
1.1 is a pretty minor upgrade IIRC so apt-get upgrade and/or apt-get 
dist-upgrade should do it. If your install is up to date then I don't think .1 
would be a large download. Try it  and see how much it says it will download 
and then if it is too much then when it asks about continuing just hit N for no.

>I have only a (bad) dial-up connection so downloading hundereds of megs of 
>>packages is not a good option for me.  I did it the first time to install the 
>>updates to gNewSense 1.0 and it took me TWO DAYS :-(
Just FYI -if you did not need openoffice then uninstalling that would save you 
about a 100MB or more!!!! You should consider backing all the .deb files you 
have in /var/cache/apt/archives and save them somewhere safe (burn to a cd) so 
if you need to reinstall then you can move those files back to that location 
when you update and then it will not re-download those but will use the ones 
you stuck in there unless of course they have been updated again.

>I suppose that I can get a friend to get me the gNewSense 1.1 iso and update 
>>my installation, but since I am new to Ubuntu -like upgrades, what will that 
>>do to my configuration, home directory, etc.?  Brian wrote that I can update, 
>>but can I do this without using my phone at all, only with the gNewSense  1.1 
>>CD?  Or will I have to re-update another 100-200 MB of packages by dial-up 
Good question - does the CD have a upgrade option or is a reinstall necessary? 
I assume you have to reinstall if you use the new CD, I could (likely) be wrong 
though. But as stated earlier 1.1 upgrade should not be anywhere near 100mb of 
packages but you can always try it and see and choose to abort if it is too 
much. I would guess it is about 15megs...

>I am very happy with my current gNewSense 1.0 install (-: I even like the 
>>"dirty elephants" splashsreen :-) so I rather wait for, say, a version  2.1 
>>of gNewSense before updating, but will I be able to do so from 1.0 to, say, 
>>2.1 *without* all the intermediate steps of the versions in between?
Depends on what all major changes occur, upgrading is always possible just not 
always probable that things go smoothly making such a large jump.

Now that I think about it, maybe someone(s) should start providing updates on a 
CD for a couple bucks or something....maybe....

>Many thanks,

many many welcomes....


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