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Re: New skill sets

From: Davi Leal
Subject: Re: New skill sets
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 20:10:01 +0100
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charles wrote:
> Hi David, Come comments about trying to sign up

To check the fixes, login with the same account or create a new one.

> My postal code was truncated.

Fixed at:

    PREVIOUS     E1_PostalCode  char(5)
    FIXED NOW    E1_PostalCode  varchar(15)


> I was born Before 1960

Fixed at:

    start_year="-100" end_year="-18"

We require at least 18 months of age to register as Person. Is it right?. What 
do you think about?.

> Looking at the page - since the skill sets are all drop downs, How does
> someone indicate that they for example have skills with BOTH Linux and
> FreeBSD

The below message raises when the mouse is over the 'Skills' link. Maybe we 
should do it more clear. Should we add a "(help)" entry below the 'Skill' 
word?. Or maybe we should redone all the forms to get a better new 

  "Choose any skill in one of the first combo-boxes
   and then select the knowledge and experience
   levels. The skill and levels will arise in the
   right box. Repeat this operation with each skill
   you know. If you want to delete some entry,
   select it in the right box and click Delete"

  * The JavaScript which is used in the Qualification
    and JobOffer forms only has been checked on FireFox.
  * Konqueror, kde 3.5.5 seems to work too.
    Previous versions did not work for me.
  * At least some IE versions did not worked rightly.

This is a work team,

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