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RE: New skill sets

From: charles.macdonald
Subject: RE: New skill sets
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 14:31:48 -0500

>  > My postal code was truncated.
>  Fixed at:
>    Layer-0__Site_entry_point/doc/GNUHerds__SQL_Implementation.psql
>      PREVIOUS     E1_PostalCode  char(5)
>      FIXED NOW    E1_PostalCode  varchar(15)

The form is still stuck at allowing 5 characters. 

>  > I was born Before 1960
>  Fixed at:
>    Layer-0__Site_entry_point/templates/Person_form.tpl
>      start_year="-100" end_year="-18"
>  We require at least 18 months of age to register as Person. 
>  Is it right?. What 
>  do you think about?.

This allowed me to change to a year in the 50's but when I asked for the page 
again, It was showing me as born in 1970... By then I was in high school.

>  The below message raises when the mouse is over the 'Skills' 
>  link. Maybe we 
>  should do it more clear. Should we add a "(help)" entry 
>  below the 'Skill' 
>  word?. Or maybe we should redone all the forms to get a better new 
>  usability?.

I am playing on my coffee break at work, so I am using IE, and did not get the 
instructions shown.

That may or may not be the reason that when I do enter a set of skills I once 
again got ERROR:
 INSERT INTO R24_Qualification2Skills 
(R24_Q1_E1_Id,R24_LI_Id,R24_LG_Id,R24_LN_Id) VALUES ('4','Sun SPARC 
(sparc)','internals','up to 6 months') 
ERROR: value too long for type character varying(15) 

I will try to check
>From home.

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