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RE: New skill sets

From: charles.macdonald
Subject: RE: New skill sets
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 08:26:03 -0500

>  On IE 6.0 (Windows 2000) the popup is raised but under the 
>  HTML objects (combo 
>  boxes, etc.).  I think it is a bug of such IE version. I 
>  have not checked 
>  with other IE versions.

Just to feedback, I did look at home last night and "found" where the popup is 
supposed to occur looking on Mozilla on Linux at home.  This morning at work I 
did try on IE6 and the popups are there if you bring the mouse right over the 
link, and as you say they appear to partly hide behind the drop boxes.

Since there is only a couple of lines, it might be less hassle all around to 
just have the instructions out in the open, (But that is my old man grumpy 
opinion)  The page did let me add skillsets, and the other page does now accept 
a postal code, I suspect when I tried it yesterday afternoon, there was some 
old java-code in the cache of the browser.

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