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Re: page update -- Done

From: Igor Zubiaurre
Subject: Re: page update -- Done
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2007 09:28:24 +0100

The spanish translation doesn't mentio the end-users as the english one does.
" Estos servicios se ofrecen a compañías y consultoras de..." should be completed as " Estos servicios se ofrecen a usuarios finales, compañías y consultoras de..."
> See below the Spanish and Italian translation of your description. Let us know
> any needed correction:
> English
>   "Menttes provides training, consulting, web sites, portals, extranets,
> intranets and custom web application development with Plone, Zope and Python.
> These services are provided for end-users companies and consulting firms
> located in Southamerica, North America and Worlwide."
> Spanish
>   "Menttes proporciona formación, consultoría, sitios web, portales,
> extranets, intranets y desarrollo de aplicaciones web a medida con Plone,
> Zope y Python. Estos servicios se ofrecen a compañías y consultoras de
> América del Sur, América del Norte y del resto del mundo."

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