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Re: page update -- Fixing

From: Davi Leal
Subject: Re: page update -- Fixing
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2007 20:24:05 +0100
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Igor Zubiaurre wrote:
> First of all I thought the comma was there and the list had 3 items:
> - end users
> - companies
> - consulting firms
> So I might have been wrong in my previous comment.
> And secondly: Which is the original: english, spanish or italian? In the
> original quote, english seems to be baseline and both spanish and italian
> seem to be translations of the english version. If so, some information was
> lost in translation because the spanish version doesn't specify anything
> about endusers.

I did the Spanish translation. I was confused due to the lack of the comma.  
The original is the English one. You can see your original email there:

> On the other hand it might be clearer this way, since some 
> readers might see the word "enduser" and think that the company
> accepts single people as customers while not being so.

So, your company do not accept enduser customers?. Should you say:

  "These services are provided for companies and consulting firms
   located in ..."

Read the original email and let us know again the text what you want we 
translate. If we have some doubt we will ask you.

> Does the company take other non-enduser companies as customers?

I do not understand this question.

Best regards,

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