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Plan (proposal)

From: GNU Herds work team
Subject: Plan (proposal)
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2007 00:02:59 +0100
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As you already knows, GNU Herds want to be a not-for-profit true-democratic 
association aiming to encourage the professional development of Free Software 

The first step has been to develop the Job Site modules and gather together 
several Business Networks models. Some of the JobSite's features are:

    * Controlled by its own users
    * FS skills data base
    * Telework

The next steps can be on your side. However, one of them has been already 
proposed: the FSF could grant some certifications. The web application is 
already ready to support certifications, though such support is now disabled.

    * GNU Business Network certification

We will contact with RMS after he carries out the emacs 22 release. We have to 
manage to move the project hosting, as association or just as job site, to 
the FSF hosts. It will be a very long way.

Flames, feedback, etc. are not only welcome but needed!.

The work team

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