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Contact with RMS to remove the veto power

From: Davi Leal
Subject: Contact with RMS to remove the veto power
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 14:00:25 +0100
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The email draft is below. Le me know any improvement, disagreement, etc.


Subject: [GNU Herds]: Replacing the veto by the GNU approval suspension
From: GNU Herds work team <address@hidden> (SIGNED)
To: rms
CC: address@hidden, address@hidden

Hi Richard,

Finally, we want be an association.

We think the association must take the responsability to follow the Free 
Software way itself. Therefore, we get in contact with you to replace the 
veto power at the Charter, being it as below:

   The Ethics Officer will be appointed by the
   Free Software Foundation, Inc. to ensure the
   below points:
     * The integrity of the GNU name is not breached.
     * The Association follows the Free Software philosophy.
     * The activities are operated in ways that do not lend
       themselves to be abused to the detriment of the
       Free Software philosophy.

   Any conflict which can not be resolved will raise
   the removing of the GNU approval, so the GNU part
   of the association name and <add here extra conditions>

   All other officers will be elected by the membership.

So, the association will fix the mismatch what seems conflicting:
  * "true-democratic association"
  * "the jobsite must be controlled by its own users"
  * "veto power over all subjects related to .. FS .."

P.S.: Is there any possibility that the GNU Herds webapp and data base be 
hosted at the FSF severs?.

Best regards,
The work team

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