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Re: re-use any forms to show error messages

From: Davi Leal
Subject: Re: re-use any forms to show error messages
Date: Fri, 11 May 2007 12:19:00 +0200 (CEST)

Victor Engmark wrote:
> Davi Leal wrote:
> > Now, I agree with you!, I vote too for making the "First name" field
> > optional too.  However I think we should keep mandatory the Company
> > and non-profit "Name" fields.  What do you think?
> Hmm, dunno. Companies surely don't have the same need / wish to stay
> anonymous, but maybe some of them want to register just to have a look at
> how the site works. We should try to make it as easy for them as possible.
> Besides, I think they will realize the obvious advantage of adding more
> information than just the email address if they want to be taken seriously
> by the applicants.

OK, I will add a task to realize it.

> > Note: About entities who subscribe to offers, or even post offers her
> >       selves, I personally think it is her responsability fill in
> >       rightly this identification information, even State / Province.
> I'd say it's more in their own interest. If they don't want to provide the
> information, we shouldn't force them. We could, however, add that as a
> recommendation in our FAQ / documentation.

I will add a task. It should be easy. Just adding the proper text, to
later be translated.

> >    - The " :" part of the label is unnecessary.
> >
> > I have removed the " :" only at the Company registration form. I will
> > check how it looks at several browsers before removing it at others forms.
> >
> > How it looks at you PC?
> Looks fine! Perfect amount of space between the label and field.

Cool. I will take a look tonight and if I agree too, I will realize that
modification at all forms.

> I noticed that if you fill in an invalid email address, it shows the email
> address in square brackets after the field when showing the error message.
> Why is that?

It is used to show the email that the entity want to change to, which is
not verified yet. You can try it changing your account email.

However, it is being showed too along the registration process. It is odd.
If you agree I will take note of it as a bug which must be fixed.

> The reason I didn't suggest deepening the color is that it decreases the
> contrast, and therefore the legibility. Also, it doesn't show up when colors
> are disabled. Maybe 1px wider border in almost full red would be better? E.g
> .required
> {
>         border: 3px inset #F30;
> }

Done. I will check how it looks tonight.


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