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Re: Make "First name", "Company name", ... and "Country" fields optional

From: Victor Engmark
Subject: Re: Make "First name", "Company name", ... and "Country" fields optional too
Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 12:03:08 +0200

On 5/14/07, Davi Leal <address@hidden> wrote:
Victor Engmark wrote:
> On the other hand, those who are already registered want to be sure that
> their profiles, job offers, and searches are as accurate as possible, in
> order to get the best match. That could be easier to achieve by showing all
> the fields in those forms.

OK,  but maybe this contradict your previous proposal, some weeks ago,
about removing the _javascript_ requirement at the JobOffer and
Qualifications forms, and at the same time _be able to hide_ the not
required fields?.

Maybe, so I'll try to explain better. To be able to support users without _javascript_, we have essentially two choices:
I think the first version is the least amount of work, since it doesn't require a separate page which is essentially useless for _javascript_-enabled clients. Besides, it's easier to hide already downloaded markup than to fetch new.

Using the second solution, we'd also have to use a button instead of a link to change forms (in order to be able to save the data before loading the other form), and this makes for an inconsistent interaction model.

The advantage of the second solution, of course, is that users without _javascript_ also see the small form initially.

In conclusion, I think we should use the second solution for the registration forms (more likely to get more registrants, but more work), and skip the work for the other forms until we have some spare time.

> I also think it's a good idea to save the users' "view" of different forms
> in a cookie, and perhaps include it in their settings. What do you think?

The user "view" state or view data?

State. I.e., the next time they come back to the same form, they should see the same form as last time.

Do you mean the user view settings?

Yes, they should be able to override the cookie settings. We could have the following choices:

I think that if it is needed, using a cookie is the way to go.
What are you thinking to save in that cookie or cookies?

Something like
form_X_view="full" / "small"
That should be flexible enough to enable other views if necessary.

Victor Engmark
Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur - What is said in Latin, sounds profound
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