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Re: micro donations & payments -- standardized systems

From: John Sennesael
Subject: Re: micro donations & payments -- standardized systems
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 15:44:56 -0400
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> As I do not know the details of such "standardized micro-payment system" I 
> will start to analyze, slowly, how it could be developed.
> I will ask to a friend who works at a national bank. I hope he will have some 
> useful information ...
> Please, expose any comment, idea, ...
> Maybe in nine months we could have such feature at production.
I don't think a standardized system exists yet, and I doubt a bank would
have much to do with a system like that.
The way I think this would work:
    1) a user deposits a certain amount of money to the system
    2) that money, the user can now use to donate to projects, people,
etc,... These donations can be very small since no actual real money is
being transfered.  The only times real money is transfered, is when the
user deposits money into the system, or when someone has received enough
donations to add up, making it worth for him/her to withdraw from the

So 90% of the time you'd be dealing with virtual currency.

You only need one account for a system like this. When users deposit
money to give away to several projects, it would go into that one
account, and when developers or users, or whatever, withdraw money, it
would come out of that one account.

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