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Re: patch for my version of GNU to the current version.

From: Davi Leal
Subject: Re: patch for my version of GNU to the current version.
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2008 22:24:50 +0200
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Nicodemo Alvaro wrote:
> Here is the patch I made for that assignment you gave me.

You rocks!

> Unfortunately, there seems to be major differences between the current
> version and my version. Perhaps, I should try to get a new current
> version and apply what I did to it.

I think your code maybe has the transitional donation-pledges and 
look-for-volunteers code which is right now at production at

I am going to commit the final version so that you can do a fresh
"git clone" and so to try to apply your modifications.

I will send you an email, always with CC to gnuherds-app-dev@ , when you can 
do such "git clone" to get the last code.  Later we will update production, 
that is to say, with all the new code.

> You could try pick out what I did in it, but it is messy.

Steps (proposal):

  1. I commit the big patch.
  2. I send Nicodemo a warning email.
  3. Nicodemo execute "git clone ...." and try to apply his patch
     on the new-last code.
  4. Nicodemo send his updated patch to address@hidden
     If Nicodemo can not update his patch Davi will take care of it.

P.S.: My email address, address@hidden, will not work rightly up to
      the next Thurday 11-Sep-2008 (due to holidays).  However I
      am reading and replying rightly all emails sent to

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