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bundlelisation of the backend

From: dejaeger
Subject: bundlelisation of the backend
Date: 21 Mar 2001 01:39:33 +0100
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I'm trying to put all the backend stuff in a bundle. I almost did
it. Before I continue I need your opinion on some things:

1) do you thing it is useful ? Personaly I think so. But if I am alone,
I will give up before spending more time on it.

2) Symbols from the backend that are used in gui (except classes) are
functions like these:
NSDrawButton, NSDrawGrayBezel, NSDrawGroove, NSDrawTiledRects,
NSDrawWhiteBezel, NSFrameRect, NSFrameRectWithWidth, NSBeep, ...

a few like those:

extern unsigned int GSWDefineAsUserObj(NSGraphicsContext *ctxt);

extern void GSWViewIsFlipped(NSGraphicsContext *ctxt, BOOL flipped);

extern NSWindowDepth GSWindowDepthForScreen(NSGraphicsContext *ctxt,
                int screen); 

extern const NSWindowDepth
   *GSAvailableDepthsForScreen(NSGraphicsContext *ctxt, int screen); 

so I replaced them by pointers on functions with the same name. And I
initialize those pointer when the backend is load. This was the
shortest way. But to be consistent with other stubs, I plan to do like
it was done with the DPSoperators. (define some methods, write inline
stub functions that call these methods, cache the address of the

Is it the good way ?

3) make package should be modified because now, GUI apps don't need to
be link with any specific backend. But I'm not competent to do it.

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