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Re: bundlelisation of the backend

From: dejaeger
Subject: Re: bundlelisation of the backend
Date: 25 Mar 2001 06:34:25 +0200
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I finished a first working implementation. It was very short to write
in fact. the patches in the archive are for the current version of
gui/xgps. For now, it does'nt work with xdps. But I will do it after.

If you want the backend to be a module, define BACKEND_BUNDLE=yes (in
a shell, for instance). Then compile and install gui and
xgps. Otherwise, xgps will be compile as a library (as before).
Anyway, both gui and xgps need to be recompile after the patch is
applied. xdps is now broken.

The design is not very good. The interface between frontend and
backend should be better defined. Maybe we should have a structure of
functions ?

I try to describe exactly what I did. Feel free to ask any question or
make any comment.

        Frederic De Jaeger

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