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Re: bundlelisation of the backend

From: Frederic De Jaeger
Subject: Re: bundlelisation of the backend
Date: 31 Mar 2001 12:43:21 +0200
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RFM> Generally, I'd try to avoid introducing new files if possible, and I also
RFM> try (very hard) to make sure that things are declared in the same headers
RFM> that MacOS-X uses (to support source-code compatibility).

RFM> In this case, MacOS-X declares the NSWindowDepth typedef in NSGraphics.h
RFM> so I'd try to stick to that.

RFM> Can you organise things so that the file you are including in NSGraphics.h
RFM> does not need to include NSGraphics.h?   ie. include it at a point where
RFM> everything it depends on has already been declared?

I try, but it's terrible. The dependency graph is quite complex if
NSWindowDepth is defined in NSGraphics.h, unless I use some tricks like
#define __NSGraphicsContext_h_is_being_parsed_now_so_be_careful
#undef __NSGraphicsContext_h_is_being_parsed_now_so_be_careful

RFM> Alternatively, can you move this typedef to the file that is being included
RFM> in NSGraphics.h?

This is the easiest to do. If I move the typedef :
typedef int NSWindowDepth;
from NSGraphics.h to GSMethodTable.h, everything works fine. No more
loops. So if you agree, this is my solution.

RFM> Creating a new file would be my third or fourth choice, fighting
RFM> it out with the nasty hack of putting the typedef in NSGraphics.h
RFM> but outside the ifndef __NSGraphics_h__ (protected by it's own
RFM> bit of preprocessor condition of course)

could be done, too. What do you prefer ?

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