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Re: bundlelisation of the backend

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: bundlelisation of the backend
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 01:55:13 +0100

> 2) Symbols from the backend that are used in gui (except classes) are
> functions like these:
> NSDrawButton, NSDrawGrayBezel, NSDrawGroove, NSDrawTiledRects,
> NSDrawWhiteBezel, NSFrameRect, NSFrameRectWithWidth, NSBeep, ...

As for this functions I would like to move them into the gui library.
Each of these functions consists only of a couple of calls to PS
functions/methods, which are our standard interface to the backend.
There is not much reason to have them in the backend, beside of some
optimization possibilities. One of this optimizations is the handling of
the flip state, currently we store in the xgps backend if the locked
view is flipped and ask the XGGState for this directly. If it is worth
while, we can replace this by a function or a method on the context
which reports this state.
The other optimization is the usage of psw files for some button
operations in the xdps backend. I am not sure how big the gain from this
is, but I have another idea to get a similar optimization, and not only
for predefined PS calls:

We could make better use of the NSBezierPath class, by adding a PS call
to the backend interface to set a NSBezierPath as a whole. The backend
could than process the data in the bezier path in its most efficient
way, perhaps without those basic PS calls used now. For the xgps backend
I know that this will be a lot faster. I don't know enough of the xdps
backend to tell, how this should be implemented, but it looks like a
better place for optimization to me.

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