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Re: Release schedule

From: Tim Harrison
Subject: Re: Release schedule
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2003 11:56:50 -0500

On Thursday, Apr 3, 2003, at 08:21 Canada/Eastern, Nicola Pero wrote:

Being compatible with Cocoa or with OPENSTEP is probably not the central issue at the moment; I'm not sure why Cocoa compatibility is blaimed for
instability, while other stuff, such as the new text system and other
ongoing works (which have nothing to do with Cocoa), are much more likely
causes of instability.  In most cases, we can be compatible with both

Cocoa isn't being blamed specifically for instability. The concern is, if people spend more time chasing Cocoa around in circles, no one will take the time to fix the current instabilities in GNUstep, and they will just get buried deeper in the source, as more Cocoa compatibility is layered on top. Then, when those bugs/issues/problems are discovered, they become a major issue, Cocoa compatibility notwithstanding.

Also, I think the new text system has greatly improved the stability of -gui.

Tim Harrison

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