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Re: RFC: Framework support in -make

From: Stefan Urbanek
Subject: Re: RFC: Framework support in -make
Date: Thu, 08 May 2003 20:45:20 +0200

On 2003-05-08 14:28:00 +0200 Nicola Pero <address@hidden> wrote:


What about user library/framework directories? At this time you need
to add two lines for each user to the (besides four lines for 
gnustep installation) to make user-domain frameworks and libraries work:


Good point - but you need those in LD_LIBRARY_PATH only if you install
libraries/frameworks in there; in which case, yes, you need to set your

I cannot, because some shells (bash or csh for example) are destroying 
LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable. Try this in csh (or similar in bash):
$ setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /home
$ csh
(we are in new csh)
$ xterm
(we are in new xterm)
LD_LIBRARY_PATH: Undefined variable.

LD_LIBRARY_PATH is also lost when you source in .xinitrc.

You shouldn't add them in because other users won't use your
libraries from there ... they will not be able to read them.

I agree.

But normally RPM do not install stuff in your own home directory - they
install systemwide! :-)

Ok, that is the case for RPM, but gnustep has the ability to install frameworks 
and applications anywhere. Users can install frameworks just by dragging them 
into apropriate folder in their home directory, as they can do with apps.
It is an advantage of GNUstep that users can install their own software.

If you compare with other binary packages, they never install a library in
your own home directory.  They install it in /usr/lib.  If - very unlikely
- but if you install a shared library in your home directory, they would
ask you to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH so that it can be found, exactly as GNUstep

Yes, they are other packages, but this is GNUstep. GNUstep can do things better.

UsualIy users do not have permissions to edit the file,
neither to run ldconfig. And I doubt that sysadmins will agree on adding user 
directories into global list. I think that this is a reason, why and 
ldconfig should not be used.

It's a good reason - actually a definitive reason - not to use it for
libraries/frameworks installed in your home directory - LD_LIBRARY_PATH
must be used in that case.

LD_LIBRARY_PATH does not work (see above) and this is the reason why many 
people are using with gnustep (including me).


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