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Re: Legacy applications and headers

From: Marcus Müller
Subject: Re: Legacy applications and headers
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 17:05:57 +0100

On 19.03.2004, at 16:40, David Ayers wrote:

Marcus Müller wrote:

I believe the test was intended to insure when GDL2 is build against other OPENSTEP-like Foundation libraries (like libFoundation maybe) that we only wanted to use the precompiled headers for Apple's Foundation, so therefore we need a test against some marker of that particular Foundation. I was under the impression that NeXT_Foundation_LIBRARY was predefined by the Foundation headers, I guess I was wrong. Maybe there is another marker we could use?

NeXT_Foundation_LIBRARY is defined in gstep-make (library-combo.make). This goes for the other "well-known" third party libraries as well. You're correct that these would need to be included in the test also. However, I don't know if that really makes sense. The only two foundations in use in a larger number of projects are GNU_BASE_LIBRARY and NeXT_Foundation_LIBRARY anyways.

Now as Skyrix seems to have abandoned libFoundation (and I have no idea if GDL2 would have ever worked with it) we might have a true binary situation (ie. either GNUstep or Cocoa). So the proposal may be a practical approach. Yet, I'd like it to be consistent with the -core libraries, so if -core (ie. -baseadd) takes up this convention, -gdl2 and -gsweb can follow. (And as we include -baseadd headers you'll need the consistency also.)

Yes, that would also make sense, given that the MacOSX compatibility framework (GNUstepBase) offers some of the core headers. I haven't checked if such constructs actually are in some of its headers - I didn't stumble across build problems so I guess no, but consistency isn't a bad idea anyways. :-)



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