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Re: Someone may want to fork cairo backend development. Oh deer!

From: Banlu Kemiyatorn
Subject: Re: Someone may want to fork cairo backend development. Oh deer!
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 18:19:33 +0700

I find it great to have colour management in GNUstep, until I am back home
and able to see the code I am not sure, if the place you put this is the
best for all of GNUstep, but hopefully cairo zill become the min backend at
some time, so it doesn`t matter to much. More important is, if the cairo
backend finally made it into the GNUstep CVS? If not, could we just ignore
the paperwork and move it anyway?

The paper work is completed. But at one point I decided to rewrite the whole thing plus that some APIs in cairo were changed so it stop working since then. Right now the code is much more mature but it's just I don't have a chance to compile it yet ;) I have made a decision to ignore ftfont code (which is much better than cairo's font system can offer at the moment) and stick with cairo's font api. I talked to Keith P. about if Cairo could provide portable ligature and kerning tables and he said it is could be possible. So I think it's better to experiment with things and so we can improve Cairo's API
in future. Another thing is XDCCC, he made the point that may be Cairo'll
just use lcms directly and just dump XDCCC because nobody actually use that.
I was talking to Alex and he suggested me to create a branch and put the code in that branch since it won't even be compiled yet. But it's long holidays here and I hope to manage things to work before 15. After then I guess I'll start working for Cairo to make use of the freetype's font catching subsystem. (just like the way ftfont do)

PS. I don't know how to make a branch in CVS. Would be nice if someone could
guide me what to do. I don't want to break anything :)

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