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about RunLoop, joystick support and so on

From: Xavier Glattard
Subject: about RunLoop, joystick support and so on
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2007 11:06:58 +0000 (UTC)
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Hi all

I try to understand NSRunLoop and event management.

I have found the following text in NSRunLoop.h
It's about GSRunLoopWatcher

 * The following interface is not yet deprecated,
 * but may be deprecated in the next release and
 * removed thereafter.
 * The run loop watcher API was originally intended to perform two
 * tasks ...
 * 1. provide the most efficient API reasonably possible to integrate
 * unix networking code into the runloop.
 * 2. provide a standard mechanism to allow people to contribute
 * code to add new I/O mechanisms to GNUstep (OpenStep didn't allow this).
 * It succeeded in 1, and partially succeeded in 2 (adding support
 * for the win32 API).
 * However, several years on, CPU's are even faster with respect to I/O
 * and the performance issue is less significant, and Apple have provided
 * the NSStream API which allows yoiu to write stream subclasses and add
 * them to the run loop.
 * We are likely to follow Apple for compatibility, and restructure code
 * using NSStream, at which point this API will be redundant.

What is the status of GSRunLoopWatcher ?
Why is it not use in backend ?
(under win32, PeekMessage/DispatchMessage are called firth by the DisplayServer
then by GSRunLoopCtxt)
Is there an other mechanism on the way ?

If i want to add joystick support to GNUstep, which interface do i 
have to use ? 

Many thanks :-)


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