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Re: about RunLoop, joystick support and so on

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: about RunLoop, joystick support and so on
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 10:49:18 +0100
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Xavier Glattard schrieb:
> Another oddity of the win32 backend is the use of a good old window procedure.
> So the events are dispatched twice : first by some calls to DispatchMessage
> (always to the same window procedure) and then by NSApplication. I'm sure 
> there
> is a good reason for that but i can't see it.

Not sure, if I understand you correctly here. As far as I understand we
always need a window procedure or is it now possible to do without one?
This, or rather the method windowEventProc:, does decode the window
message, depending on its category and builds up an NSEvent that then
gets dispatched by NSApplication to the corresponding window. I don't
see any duplication here, am I missing your point? Do you mean, we
should get rid of the call to DispatchMessage? As far as I remember from
my old windows programming days, this used to be a bad idea. You never
know what magic Microsoft is applying in the background to allow all the
different hooks the system offers. And what would be the benefit of
bypassing this call?
Could you just give an example of what you want to change here? And
explain, why this would be better than the current code.
In the current Windows backend there are already some cases where the
NSApplication event dispatching is bypassed. I don't like this idea, but
as I am not using the Windows backend, I am able to just ignore it.
There is more stuff there that is clearly wrong, like overriding methods
on NSMenu and NSWindow. To me it looks like somebody with very specific
requirements as able to shape the Windows backend code to these
requirements, but none of this is my business.

I like what you write about the changes in the run loop handling, but
Richard will be the one more familiar with that.


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