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Re: gnustep-make experiment

From: Matt Rice
Subject: Re: gnustep-make experiment
Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2007 09:24:26 -0800
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On 2007-02-09 09:18:02 -0800 Wim Oudshoorn <address@hidden> wrote:

Hm, I just read part of this discussion. Apparently pkg-config is a very popular tool for
finding dependencies etc.   Also it seems to be used
by plenty of libraries and people, although I never encountered
it in practice.  For me a .pc is probably a mystery.
So before forming an opinion on pkg-connfig integration with
gnustep-make I would like to read up a little on pkg-config.
However the only thing I quickly found was a wiki page:

And beside a link to download section and a list of supportd platforms
there seems to be no documentation for pkg-config at all. Obviously that is because I do not look in the right place.

Another thing that caught my eye was the dependency on glib, I have had some bad experiences with glib on windows.

So next I tried to download pkg-config version 0.21 and compile it (on
MS Windows). Of course that failed because I hadn't installed glib. So
I gave up.  (I tried once to get glib compiled on windows and it
wasn't a pleasant experience.)

It does not require anything but a reasonably well working C compiler and a C library,
but can use an installed glib if that is present.

(from the page you linked).

Moral of the story, if someone want to add pkg-config, better make
it a smooth experience.   I for one don't want to spend a lot of time
installing another tool with intricate dependencies just to be able
to compile my own application.

Wim Oudshoorn.

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