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Re: Shipping Windows binary applications

From: Nicola Pero
Subject: Re: Shipping Windows binary applications
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 17:39:01 +0100 (CET)

> I *think* it used to open the server preferences panel rather than  
> pop up an alert panel ... not sure why that's happening.
> Also, it should only happen first time ... so if it keeps happening  
> then there is a bug somewhere.

I think at the moment it boths pops up an alert panel *and* the
server preferences panel. ;-)

It does happen only the first time ... but for any application. :-(

So I guess it would be better to have a system-wide default ?

Anyway my suggestion would be that we start with whatever default makes more
sense for the average user.  The first 'minute' of user experience
should be very smooth - no questions asked, everything just works,
and the user feels they like the application.

Asking confusing technical questions at the beginning spoils the initial 
Computer-Human Interaction honeymoon.

Most users go around and once they like the application they will 
find the 'Server Preferences' menu and try out other options if they 

>> Obviously the default on Windows should be using the Windows  
>> taskbar and using Windows window decorations!
> matter of opinion :-)

I agree it's a matter of opinion what you prefer to use (I prefer
the WindowMaker-like decorations myself), but most people I heard
using GNUstep on Windows have complained it felt way too "alien".

At least using the Windows taskbar should be the default, since 
the big NeXTstep-like miniwindow overlapping the Windows taskbar
does not make much sense. :-)

Anyway, I suggest agreeing on a default, and remove the initial
display of the 'Server Preferences' alerts/panels -- there still is the
Server Preferences panel to change the default if anyone wants to change it.

Btw, should we make these defaults a gnustep-back win32 ./configure 
option ?

Reason is, I can see some people that needs to package a GNUstep Win32
application having serious bias on this and really wanting their app
to ship with a certain look&feel (typically, my guess, as much native-Win32
as possible).  Presumably they could configure their gnustep-back
to use whatever look&feel they like by default.

I'll do that if it makes sense to other people.

> I guess a bug has been introduced by recent changes ... it used to  
> get the paths right.  There was code (which definitely worked) in  
> NSPathUtilities.m to map a path with a './' prefix to be relative to  
> the location of the GNUstep.conf file.

I think this all still works (eg, './GNUstep/Tools' definitely works), 
it's only the './' path that doesn't.

> Well I suppose we could have an option to have them exit when nothing  
> is connected to them...
> We probably should do that whenever one of them is launched  
> automatically by an app.

That looks like an excellent idea. :-)


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