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Re: pbxbuild patch

From: Hans Baier
Subject: Re: pbxbuild patch
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2009 06:28:24 +0700

2009/11/18 Joe Mattiello <address@hidden>:
> I have a patch I wrote over the summer for pbxbuild that adds many
> enhancements, though it may break legacy (pre-leopard XCode) versions of
> projects.
> The short story is I wrote all these changes for internal projects that
> needed to be ported to Linux, went through the FSF paperwork to submit and
> then completely changed
> roles at my company and forgot all about these patches. None the less, I
> want to share with the community, though I warn the code I wrote doesn't
> conform to the originally formatting used.
> Perhaps someone would like to take on the task of cleaning it up to be
> submittal to the tree.
> Off the top of my head some improvements are,
> - Mutli-target projects with both static and dynamic library targets now
> work
> - Linking against JavaVM.framework in XCode translates to linking to libjvm
> - Support for Project and target level CFlags
> - Support for Project and target level -O flags
> - Support for absolute path include and lib search dirs
> - Support for linking against frameworks that are also targets in
> multi-target project (but don't forget to `make install' them)
> - Most options that were only project or target based are now Project then
> optionally Target overwritten set like in XCode
> - Support for different bundle extensions
> - Support for SDKRoot
> - A few more things I forget now
> I believe work for dynamic libraries and snowleo was done independently not
> too long ago, so my apologies for not submitting this sooner, but with out
> further delay, I present my patches for your approval.

Sorry about the last mail, had some problems with GMail/firebug.
I hope this works better now.

Now this is really good news. When I wrote the initial version of the tool
back in 2005, I got no feedback on it whatsoever. Assuming my effort was
largely wasted, I wandered off the project pursuing other interests.

As my interest in GNUstep was rekindled recently I was please to see several
of the GNUstep main developers committed quite a bit of code to the project.

So I am glad to learn someone really uses pbxbuild so spending my
2-week-vacation on the
tool wasn't utterly wasted.

Since my mac is more than 10000 km away, I can't develop and test now.
Before submitting the Patch, it would be fine if you could clean up
all commented parts
of the code; to make them work or to throw them out.
Since you created the modifications it might be the easiest for you to do that.

I could clean up the formatting; but I can't/won't test.

Another important thing is to know which revision your changes are based on,
I assume latest SVN?

Kind regards,

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