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Re: gmodel loading appears to be broken

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: gmodel loading appears to be broken
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2010 00:32:13 +0200
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Am 28.08.2010 19:52, schrieb Yavor Doganov:
> Fred Kiefer wrote:
>> I will correct this, although it may take some time as this will require
>> some changes to the external working of the libGModel.
> Thanks.  How long (roughly) do you expect it'll take?  If it's weeks
> or months, perhaps as a workaround we can convert Cenon's gmodel's to
> gorm's.  (This bug is a blocker for the GNUstep library transition
> we're having in Debian.)
> Another question: Is the fix going to be ABI-compatible with 0.18?

If you insist on ABI compatibility the best thing I can do is this
horrible hack. Add these two methods to GSGModelLoader:

- (NSData *) dataForFile: (NSString *)fileName
  // Horrible hack
  return (NSData*)fileName;

- (BOOL) loadModelData: (NSData *)data
     externalNameTable: (NSDictionary *)context
              withZone: (NSZone *)zone
  // Horrible hack
  return [self loadModelFile: (NSString *)data
           externalNameTable: context
                    withZone: zone];

Here we misuse the _nibData instance variable of NSNib to hold the file
name and use that name later on to load the GModel from the file. This
should allow us to load GModel files again.

>> Great that you actually found this, looks like nobody else did load a
>> GModel file in the last few months.
> Yeah, TTBOMK Cenon is the only app that does this, and new release
> already use nibs exclusively.

That is my main problem. At the moment I cannot find any working
application that still uses GModel files. Could you please test the
above hack and report back, whether it works for you?

Thank you

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