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Re: gmodel loading appears to be broken

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: gmodel loading appears to be broken
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2010 12:56:53 +0200
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Am 29.08.2010 11:13, schrieb Yavor Doganov:
> Fred Kiefer wrote:
>> Am 28.08.2010 19:52, schrieb Yavor Doganov:
>>> Another question: Is the fix going to be ABI-compatible with 0.18?
>> If you insist on ABI compatibility the best thing I can do is this
>> horrible hack.
> Well, I'm not in the position to insist on anything.  I prefer the fix
> to be ABI-compatible, otherwise we'll have to rebuild again +50
> packages on 14 architectures, delaying the transition even more.
> But if you want the fix included in 0.18.1, it has to be
> ABI-compatible with 0.18.0 according to the GNUstep release policy...

This change definitely is ABI compatible. I would have preferred to
write a different solution that brings our GModel loading code up to par
with the other NIB loading code. On the other hand we just found out
that GModel isn't used actively any extra development time spend there
may just be wasted.

>> Add these two methods to GSGModelLoader:
>> - (NSData *) dataForFile: (NSString *)fileName
>> {
>>   // Horrible hack
>>   return (NSData*)fileName;
>> }
>> - (BOOL) loadModelData: (NSData *)data
>>      externalNameTable: (NSDictionary *)context
>>               withZone: (NSZone *)zone
>> {
>>   // Horrible hack
>>   return [self loadModelFile: (NSString *)data
>>            externalNameTable: context
>>                     withZone: zone];
>> }
> I confirm this trick works, so I'm going to apply it as
> Debian-specific patch.  Thanks!

Great, I just commited that hack to SVN. Thank you very much for
reporting and testing this issue.

>> At the moment I cannot find any working application that still uses
>> GModel files.
> Perhaps this is a strong indication that GModel should be completely
> deprecated in 0.20.

Maybe. We need to think about that. GNUstep is very reluctant to
deprecate anything. Maybe to reluctant...

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