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group/ungroup in Gorm

From: Tim Schmielau
Subject: group/ungroup in Gorm
Date: Fri, 6 May 2011 16:55:52 +0100

Hi again,

so in my adventure to actually use Gorm again after a long while I've come 
across the next issue:

I've used the helpful Edit/Group/In View command to put a number of (optional) 
controls into a subview that can be shown and hidden on demand. All this is 
working nicely, and required only a few additional lines of code versus the 
Cocoa version where most of this is done through bindings.

Now I need to change the controls inside the subview a bit. However, Gorm 
neither allows me to edit what is inside the subview, nor does the 
Edit/Group/Ungroup command on the subview have any effect (even though it is 
not greyed out).
Grouping into and ungrouping out of a box does work though.

So is the only available option going back to my last backup, and recreate all 
steps from there? That would probably keep me from using this feature again...


P.S.: It would be nice if Gorm also had a command Edit/Group/In TabView (with 
corresponding ungroup...), so that you could organize a complex dialog into 
pages without losing all connections to the controls that are moved. Then 
again, since it does not seem possible to move controls between the tabs of a 
TabView, it would probably not be too helpful.

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