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Re: website redesign proposal

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: Re: website redesign proposal
Date: Wed, 01 Jan 2014 19:18:19 +0100
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Hi David,

I totally agree, between Xmas, New Year and "bugs" I had to time for website coding. If you check what I started on, it has only menus which I want to eliminate too and it works on iPhone (except for the menus).

I had no time to follow and to reply all the threads sorry. I do not like Sebastian's design too much aesthetically, however he has valid points in the website restructuring, which needs to be done anyway also for the design I have in mind. I'll layout some ideas I have discussed with Greg as soon as I can. I hope that we can share ideas and efforts there.

Actually, the best would be to start the restructuring using the current, proven look and later apply a "new" look.


David Wetzel wrote:
Hi Guys,

the doc idea is fun, but I think we should avoid any mouseover and other 
effects and make it as simple and clean as possible.
It should also work on small touch screens.

If you do not have an iphone, you can get Xcode for the mac and try it in the 
Otherwise try the browser in an android simulator :-)



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