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Re: [bug #41125] -make documentation is un-installable

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: Re: [bug #41125] -make documentation is un-installable
Date: Wed, 08 Jan 2014 16:36:47 +0100
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Sebastian Reitenbach wrote:
I think this is mostly a problem packagers are facing.
For example, I create a package for gnustep-make, then install it.
But then, I'm done with it. at least on OpenBSD, there is no
easy way, to rely on an installed version of the same package,
to build additional components out of it.
I don't know for OpenBSD, but I used to maintain RPMs for GNUstep. You must be able to rely on an installed package: e.g. you can rely on make or gcc as a "build" dependency (RPMs specify build and runtime dependencies).

So when installing base, you need to set gnustep-make as a dependency and so on.

The resulting package was a binary + dev package and of course to build, you ned the dev-package of the previous. GNUstep-make while bing a dev package was set as a dependency.

So the only difficult package for me was gnustep-make (and libobjc-1 back then) all the rest worked more or less out of the box, chaining build-dependencies.

gnustep-make of course gets build in a "clean" environment, except basic dependencies. No previous installation is assumed, since it is clean.


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