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[gpsd-dev] RFE : add instrument data (wind, heading) to driver_nmea2000.

From: Ken Harris
Subject: [gpsd-dev] RFE : add instrument data (wind, heading) to driver_nmea2000.c , pseudonmea.c
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2018 16:14:03 -0700

It would be nice to have instrument data, such as wind, heading, etc
in the NMEA2000 driver.

A table of PGNs and corresponding NMEA0183 :

 130306 MWV Wind Data

 128259 VHW Speed Through water

 127250 HDM Heading, magnetic

 128267 DBT Depth below transducer

 127245 RSA Rudder Angle

 127251 ?? Rate of Turn

I looked in driver_nmea2000.c and it looks like these PGNs have stubs,
so add some code there and pseudonmea.c (or a new file).

I have some candump data (for a stationary boat, so good wind data,
unchanging heading data and no "Speed Through water" ... though I
could spin the paddle wheel to fake it) if that helps.  I might be
able to get some candump data from a moving boat.


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