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Re: Guix Days and FOSDEM 2021?

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: Re: Guix Days and FOSDEM 2021?
Date: Thu, 08 Oct 2020 21:06:58 +0200
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Julien Lepiller <> writes:

> There was also a
> BOF session (although I'm not completely sure what that is exactly... a
> less prepared Q&A session, without a talk?).

BOF = Birds of a Feather (flock together)

It’s usually an ad-hoc way for people to get together who are interested
in the same kind of niche, e.g. “Guix for embedded systems”, or “Guix in
science”, etc.  Some conferences let people register a BOF session in
advance, others just figure out on the same day who would like to host a

> The afternoon could be dedicated to smaller groups who want to talk
> about specific topics. I'm not sure if we should set a planning for
> these beforehand (so people interested in only a few topics know where
> and when to show up), or if we want to encourage people to come up with
> their topic on the spot.

^ yeah, so it’s pretty much that, usually :)


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