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[Health-dev] Joining HealthProfessional and Party models

From: Mario Castro Squella
Subject: [Health-dev] Joining HealthProfessional and Party models
Date: Tue, 16 May 2017 18:42:23 -0400

Hello everyone, I’m new to Tryton and its API so I’ll explain what I’ve been trying to achieve without success:

I’m querying HealthProfessional to get all health professionals but then I would like to filter, or separate, depending on their occupation (separate doctors from nurses, etc.).
The results I get from querying HealthProfessionals don’t give me information regarding the related Party occupation.
Looking at the code I see that HealthProfessional has a Many2One relationship with the Party model, which has an occupation ID.
I would like to do a simple join of the two tables using the domain so that way I get the health professional’s correct ID but also its occupation ID, with which I can use then to filter.
Any help with this will be appreciated. :)


Mario Castro Squella
Ingeniero de Software | Registrar SW
+56 9 9702 8116

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