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RE: info needed reg cfengine.

From: Patrice GUERLAIS
Subject: RE: info needed reg cfengine.
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 09:04:49 +0200

no, cfengine doesn't have a knowledge base about OSes (AFAIK) : it would be too difficult to maintain, as files/rights change from an OS to another, from a version of an os to another version, from an installation to another, .... But you can certainly generate automatically such files sections in configuration files with simple scripts to suit your particular needs.
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De : []De la part de chetana
Envoyé : samedi 23 septembre 2000 14:05
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Objet : info needed reg cfengine.

Hello ,
   I am chetana, from TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, India. I needed some clarifications regarding the functionality
of cfengine.

Does cfengine have a knowledge-base about the Operating system's files? This means that, if one were to change the permissions for a system file, would cfengine be able to report the discrepency , without having the correct mode specified in the files section in the configuration file?

I agree, this is most likely not possible , since ,if it were, it would have to maintain a knowledge base about many Operating systems! but this is just a thought... Kindly respond if there's any way to do it automatically..

Thanks in advance...



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