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Bug w/ cfengine Log, Lock and Repositories directives

From: Greg Gallagher
Subject: Bug w/ cfengine Log, Lock and Repositories directives
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 19:03:17 -0500
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Dear Cfengine mailing list,

I haven't even looked into this to see if the documentation says
anything about this, but I may have found a small bug with the
cfengine configuration file parsing.  The actionsequence position in
the cfengine.conf file will inhibit the LockDirectory and LogDirectory
directives (at least, didn't test the others yet) from being seen.

I had the following:

  actionsequence = ( directories files disable copy links editfiles processes 
shellcommands )

  LockDirectory = ( /var/run/cfengine )
  LogDirectory = ( /var/adm/cfengine )
  Repository = ( /var/run/cfengine )
  CheckSumDatabase = ( /var/run/cfengine/cache.db )

And it seemed as if cfengine was ignoring the /var/run/cfengine
directory, it was spooling it's lockfiles into /etc/cfengine (where I
have the config files).  I moved the actionsequence below the Lock,
Log etc. and it worked.

I'm running cfengine like so:



if [ -f /opt/cfengine/sbin/cfengine ]; then
       /opt/cfengine/sbin/cfengine -v -f /etc/cfengine/cfengine.conf > 
/var/run/cfengine/cfengine.out 2>&1

Also, I'm not sure why but I _have_ to define those Lock and Log
directives in order to keep the last.* files out of my INPUTS
directory.  I had compiled cfengine like so:

./configure  --prefix=/opt/cfengine --with-lockdir=/var/run \
--with-logdir=/var/adm/cfengine --datadir=/etc

So it doesn't seem like I should have to, but for some reason the
binary didn't have them hardcoded even with the configure.

Greg Gallagher
Sr. UNIX Systems Administrator
First Options Chicago .... (312) 362-3643

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