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RE: Network address class

From: David M . Arroyo Díaz
Subject: RE: Network address class
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 20:07:20 +0200

It seems that I made a mistake on the configuration of the server.

On my /etc/hosts file I forgot to include the hostname of the machine and
it's own IP address (because I use DNS as name resolution method). I've just
corrected the file and now cfengine gives me the subnet network address

But I think that this is not a complete solution, because cfengine parses
the content of the hosts file and takes the first occurrence where the
hostname appears for build the network address class (for example 172_32_2).
So, what happens if you have multiple nic's pointing to different ip
subnets? The answer is that cfengine only builds the subnet address classes
for the first one, remaining the rest ignored.

Am I wrong, or is another misconfiguration of my host?

Wouldn´t be better to include as defined classes all of the local subnets
that the host "see"?

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Sent: jueves, 26 de julio de 2001 16:40
Subject: Re: Network address class

On 26 Jul, David M.Arroyo Díaz wrote:

> I have 3 different private network address spaces,,,,
> and 3 public class c subnets.
> I want to set up a script that performs some actions on the hosts wich IP
address is in
> the interval to, another different actions for
the hosts from
> to, and finally other configuration steps for
the hosts from
> to
> I could write a script like this (one for each subnet):
> 192_168_0_1::
>     actions_to_be_done
> 192_168_0_2::
>     actions_to_be_done
> ....................
> But this represents 762 entries in total!! (one for each host)

How about:

       actions to be done

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