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tidy across NFS filesystem

From: Alan Sparks
Subject: tidy across NFS filesystem
Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2001 22:13:49 -0700

I have a tidy rule that doesn't work... and from the source, it looks
like it's because tidy won't work on NFS mounted filesystems.

In other words, I need to toidy old files on /u05/stories... but /u05 is
NFS mounted.

The real big problem is, that's mounted from a NetApp Filer appliance. 
The option of "just running the tidy on the box exporting the
filesystem" doesn't exist, since cfengine won't run there.

Is there any way I'm not seeing to get cfengine to tidy a directory
that's non-local?

Alan Sparks, Sr. UNIX Administrator     address@hidden
Quris, Inc.                             (720) 836-2058

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