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Action editfiles vs/ templatefiles?

From: Ryan Erwin
Subject: Action editfiles vs/ templatefiles?
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2003 20:41:04 -0800


I'm investigating using CFengine. I've read the CFengine 2.0 tutorial, and searched the mailing list archives for an answer.

Using the editfiles action, it looks like you could embed special tags in your configuration file and instruct cfengine to replace these tags. The incremental change approach sounds quite appropriate for many configuration files, but there are likely some where a template system with loops and conditions would be helpful. Apache Web Farms may be a good example (especially if you use AxKit).

Does CFengine cleanly support using a templating tool like Text::Template or XSLT to process configuration template files, interpolate variable and class information from CFengine, and write the result file? Is this a function that is already easily acombidated by CFengine that I have simply missed? Or is there room for a "templatefiles" action in CFengine?

Thanks for your time-


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