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Re: cfEngine as normal user?

From: Predrag Zecevic - Support Engineer
Subject: Re: cfEngine as normal user?
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2003 09:50:00 +0200
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If user (for example) doesn't have root access at all?

Imagine this hypothetically situation: you have user account on the box, which runs few applications with lots of config AND you don't have root access!

What then?

If I don't have root access, can I recompile cfEngine to be run from user's $HOME as a specific user?

Thanks for any idea... ;-)

Yves wrote:

On Wed, 04 Jun 2003 16:15:43 +0200, Predrag Zecevic - Support Engineer wrote:
Hi all,

is it possible to run cfEngine (2.0.6 ->) as "normal" user?

I cannot see why not, but if anyone had implemented such behavior,
please let me know...

Best regards ;-)


check docu for "access"...

The access list is a list of users who are to be allowed to execute a cfengine program. If the list does not exist then all users are allowed to run a program.
       access = ( user1 user2 ...  )
The list may consist of either numerical user identifiers or valid usernames from the password database. For example:
       access = ( mark aurora 22 456 )
would restrict a script to users mark, aurora and user id 22 and 456.
Gruß Yves

address@hidden am 04.06.2003

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